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June 2011 Integrated Performance Vitality and Strength Camp  Boot Camp · Co-Ed All Levels

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Spring 2011
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2011-05-12 – 2011-05-31 regular
Deering Oaks (Portland), Integrated Performance Training Studio (Gorham), Broadway Dance Studio (Scarborough)
PortSports Social Club
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 5:30am and 6:30am

M/W/F with optional Saturdays

Boot Camper Fees
Regular 120.0 + 1.0 Processing Fee

Integrated Performance Vitality and Strength Camp

Instructor: Kelcey Hart CPT, CFT

The camp is based on 4 week periodization cycle enabling you to guage your progress and monitor your fitness levels.  The camp offers progressive wellness techniques, sports performance exercises, injury prevention, functional strength and conditioning as well as an anti-aging component, mental focus practice and stress management strategies.  The class will also cater to specialized athletic training for those who want to take their recreational sport(s) to another level.  After you request the specialized coaching it is conducted in a personal semi-private environment during the camps. 

Please e-mail Kelcey personally to request this option during the camp at  


We are offering an introductory $10 (cash/check only) per class or $120 per camp, for the first two camps.

After the first two camps it will go up to $12 (cash/check only) per class and $140 per camp.

Camp Locations:  Deering Oaks Park, Integrated Performance Studio (Gorham) and Broadway Dance Academy (Scarborough)
Camp Times: 5:30 - 6:30 A.M. Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays at Deering Oaks Football Field, and Saturdays at 9:00 A.M. at the Integrated Performance Training Studio in Gorham

Testimonials from some of Kelcey's clients:

“As a former professional pitcher, college pitching coach and now a high school baseball coach in Florida, I have worked closely with Kelcey Hart at Integrated Performance both as an athlete and as a coach. Throughout my college and professional playing careers I chose to train with Kelcey for the same reasons I choose to integrate his training into my program as coach now. He is committed, knowledgeable, he brings intensity to each workout, and he wants to get results. More importantly, he greatly understands that developing athleticism and athletic ability enhances the ability to develop skills for a particular sport. He designs his programs based on the premise that: Each athlete requires strength, speed, agility, range of motion and mental focus specific to the athletic movements and competitive situations that their particular sport demands. Having trained with and witnessed conventional programs that fail to train the entire athlete, (mental, physical, spiritual, and dietary) it is my belief that the physical training methods and mental conditioning philosophies used by Kelcey Hart at Integrated Performance are truly on the cutting edge. It is my belief that any athlete who trains with Kelcey at Integrated Performance will have the opportunity to realize their full athletic potential years ahead of those athletes who do not.” Chris Holt, Dean, Academy of Business and Leadership Education, Former Minor League Pitcher Pittsburgh Pirates, NAIA All American

“Kelcey helped me immensely in designing a customized workout using muscle confusion and dynamic stretching while incorporating applications of the internal martial art practices of Chi Kung (Qigong) and Ba Gua to help improve my strength, agility, and flexibility. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves physically, in general, or for competition.” James Suleiman, Professor, USM

“Mr. Hart is an extremely knowledgeble and result driven fitness trainer who sincerely cares for every athlete he trains.  He combines state-of-the-art training techniques while including mental conditioning, spiritual philosophies and addresses your dietary needs.  I would strongly recommend Mr. Hart and rest assured that he will bring out the full potential in an athlete…”  Michael Bouchard, Parent

 “Kelcey is a great coach, and even greater friend.  He helped me achieve my goals as a runner, and motivated me to do even more.”  Sentayehu Taye, All American Track & Field

“Kelcey is a man wise beyond his years. He has the highest integrity and purpose of anyone I know. He will enrich your life with a single conversation. I hope you have an opportunity to work with him soon!” Linda Stilphen, Owner, Gardens of Atlantis Healing Arts Center

“Having been a life long strength athlete I looked to Kelcey to provide me with a way to breakthrough barriers and look at the body and mind in a new way. My class with Sifu, (Kelcey) has given me insight into the connection of body, mind and soul. Physically the class created a balance of strength, balance, flexibility and peace of mind. I would highly recommend Kelcey to anyone from personal training to group classes. His holistic approach provides students of all ages and abilities the opportunity to grow in health and spirit.” Adam Sturtevant, Regional Vice President, Northern Benefits 

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